php barcelona 2019 call for papers
Call for papers

Inspire others! Join us on stage!

Take a challenge and show to other professionals what you are working on, what challenges you are facing and how you are solving them. Explain what products or services are saving your ass. Show how your current architecture looks like. We want you!

Our call for papers will be open until the end of July 3rd, 2019 CET. We still have room for your talk!


16 available sessions


English, 45 minutes including Q&A

Call for papers


PHP 7.4 and all the new shiny things
Asynchrony / Parallelism
PHP internals for PHP developers
Modern architecture applied to PHP stacks (techniques, patterns, etc.)
Cloud and Kubernetes and how they apply to PHP
Microservices, APIs
Guidelines and suggestions

Tips and tricks for your proposals

Original ideas

We value original ideas applicable to real-world problems. Our audience expects to get inspiration, learn, and apply their learnings to their current problems.

Pre-record your live coding

If your talk contains live coding, we would prefer if you could pre-record it. If you'd rather do it live, make sure you have practiced enough beforehand.

Descriptive talk abstracts

Make sure that the talk abstract contains as much detail about the presentation as possible. That includes possible extras and uncommon setups (audio, network, etc).

Don't overmention your employer

It is OK to mention your employer, but if you push it too hard the audience will complain. This applies even if your employer is sponsoring PHP.Barcelona.

Keep the audience in mind

There will be professional developers, sysadmins, devops, managers as well as newcomers.

Make sure your talk is engaging.

If it can be summarized in a blog post, it is probably not worth a 40 minutes talk.

Submissions we would like to see

Success / failure stories about applying an approach / technology to a business problem, lessons learned. Innovative ideas / technologies, applicable to current problems. Inspiring talks that reflect upon shared problems and will leave the audience with renewed motivation, new ideas, etc. As a general guideline, our motto is "problems of today, ideas from the future".

Submissions we would NOT like to see

Commercial talks about a product. Recruitment talks to highlight your current employer and attract talent. Talks that are not in English. Talks that do not comply with our Code Of Conduct.


This is what you will get for speaking at PHP.Barcelona

We are conference speakers ourselves, and we understand the importance of being well-treated at a conference. As a speaker, this is what you will get apart from some extra surprises.

Free Tickets

Free ticket to the conference (all goodies included!)

Paid Accomodation

2 nights at a Hotel near the venue

Airport Transfer

Transfer from airport to hotel


You will appear in the conference leaflet and website


You'll take part in the speakers dinner

Travel Cost

Up to 300 EUR within Europe and 900 EUR outside Europe

What are you waiting for?