Manel Sellés

Coming back to the monolith by Manel Sellés

Many teams think that breaking the monolith and migrating to microservices will solve all of the coupling and scalability problems we have in our code. This also happened to us and we suffered the most painful parts of microservices, without even having the benefits. After that, we started to develop focusing on decoupling and separation of contexts, but without putting ourselves any infrastructure barrier.

This talk will explain architecture problems suffered at Ulabox, taking into account factors like team size or enterprise objectives, and which is our proposal to evolve our architecture.

Talk Questions

  • Question 403
    How do you manager to transform to a monolith when you have a ton of dark legacy code?
  • Question 412
    What's the best way to communicate between modules: calls to an APO or call through PHP code? Any chance for command line?
  • Question 407
    That’s what happens when you build something based on hype instead of necessities ...
  • Question 405
    Was one Bounded Context assigned only to one squad or everybodt could touch everything when doing a feature?
  • Question 406
    Do you think you implemented the "distributed monolith" antipattern instead of actual microservices?
  • Question 129
    How can this be introduced to a team? It seems a stepback according to current micro services hype.
  • Question 394
    The remaining elephant is a Soviet camera that spies on us
  • Question 402
    Maybe is not about microservices but a wrong arquitectural decisions, don’t you think ?
  • Question 372
    So this is the result of the chaoyic microservices you showed on the past talk...
  • Question 409
    Three years ago, they showed a really chaotic microservice that nobody should even implement. Now they go back on the monolith when they would benefit more with a better designed microservice. 2 times 1 step forward and 2 step backwards.
  • Question 410
    Can architectural constraints be automated the avoid mixing services for diferent modules?
  • Question 411
    how you working with different version of modules and bc changes?
  • Question 415
    How do you manage that all your engineers work in the same codebase with the monolith?
  • Question 418
    How do modules communicate between them?
  • Question 414
    Is each module an entire application? O.e. a symfony application
  • Question 422
    Could you change the term Modular monolith to "modulith"?
  • Question 419
    @Question 410: there are architecture testing libraries out there. Authors of phpat and phparch are attendants here. You can totally hit us up if you want to talk about automated architecture testing
  • Question 417
    How habe you dealed to come back the database data from microservices to the monolith again?
  • Question 421
    Why don't place the Interfaces folder inside the Infraestructure one?
  • Question 398
    Tree strangling architecture