Rasmus Lerdorf

Opening Keynote by Rasmus Lerdorf

It is a real privilege to have the creator of the PHP language kicking off the return of the conference with an inspiring keynote!

Rasmus will talk about all the shiny new things in PHP 7.4 and PHP 8 we all love but the keynote will also cover important things in our careers such as motivation, burn-out and focusing on things that really matter

Talk Questions

  • Question 2
    Any chance for generics in php?
  • Question 3
    When it will be possible to use array of type (like int[], string[], etc) as a type hint?
  • Question 4
    People using PHP have become exposed to types and have seen they are useful. How far along the road to a full type system like Haskell is useful?
  • Question 5
    Any plans for adding language support for immutability like keywords and improved performance for instantiating lots of objects?
  • Question 7
    Is there any plans to support asynchronous semantics?
  • Question 8
    When final properties? :)
  • Question 12
    What is the best location on the world to do things that matter with tech?