Anthony Ferrara

Microservices gone wrong by Anthony Ferrara

Microservices are the latest architectural trend to take the PHP community by storm.

Is it a good pattern? How can you use it effectively? In this talk, we'll explore real world experience building out a large scale application based around microservices - what worked really well, what didn't work at all, and what we learned along the way.

Spoiler alert - we got a lot wrong.

Talk Questions

  • Question 22
    Is PHP interacting directly with Kafka? How has been the experience so far?
  • Question 20
    At which point did you realize that boundaries between microservices you started with should have been placed differently?
  • Question 21
    How did you handle database transactions ? Did you use rabbit mk for that?
  • Question 23
    How would you suggest building such huge application architecture today along with suitable dev stack, please ignore kubernetes exists today. Thanks
  • Question 25
    What about caching?
  • Question 19
    How did you validate that the "new" product matched your customers/users needs?
  • Question 18
    Do you recommend api platform to build microservices ?
  • Question 24
    For local dev, what do you think about establishing contracts between microservices, do you think that as a test you could use montebank or mockserver or others and it would help us to speed up this type of couplings?
  • Question 26
    In your opinion it is better to have an initial bbdd migration before starting the microservice or having failbacks for that purpose can be a viable option?