Enrico Zimuel

Develop microservices in PHP by Enrico Zimuel

In this talk I'll present how to develop microservices in PHP using Expressive framework + Swoole extension, to run PHP as HTTP server from the command line.

Moreover, I'll present how to monitor and logging microservices using Elasticsearch and Kibana, part of the ELK stack.

Talk Questions

  • Question 226
    What differences are between ReactPHP and Swole? (It seems almost the same)
  • Question 224
    Is Swoole ready for production right now?
  • Question 232
    Are we killing domain driven design with middleware approach?
  • Question 240
    Do we need to use only async functions in swoole middleware to have non blocking workers luke in ReactPHP? How does Swoole work with PHP-FPM compared with ReactPHP's PPM?
  • Question 235
    One database for all microservices? Whhhhat?
  • Question 241
    Do you think it is better to synchronize communication through API Rest or perhaps use events (with rabbitmq or whatever) to get only what microservices need?
  • Question 225
    What about the lack of xdebug (or other debuguer) integration on swoole
  • Question 223
    When are we getting official APM agent support for php?
  • Question 243
    How to improve ElasticSearch indexing performance?
  • Question 234
    Is this talk about microservices or about async php? 🤔
  • Question 229
    You said, scalability must be over speed, but then advertise a speed of swoole 🤔
  • Question 230
    What would be the benefits of use a middleware for caching instead of a decorator?
  • Question 236
    How do you implement TLS?
  • Question 237
    How would you handle a business transaction that affects several services in case one of them fails? I've seen 'eventual consistency' as a solution but how do you do that using REST and not message queues?
  • Question 239
    Perfect benchmark is, when mentioned Machine parameters (CPU, RAM, SSD\HDD), and described a codebase which was tested. Sad, didn't see this kind of information yet.
  • Question 227
    Isn't it wrong to say that we are developing the apps without web server? We do have a server but not the one which we are used to like apache2 or nginx.
  • Question 242
    Are you currently using Swoole + Expressive on any of your projects on production at the moment? In case yes, are you using only it or do you have Varnish, Cloud Front or something similar on fronf of that?
  • Question 231
    How small should be microservices?
  • Question 233
    Have you implemented preemptive schedule in your framework ?
  • Question 238
    Swole compatibility with PHP 7.4?
  • Question 245
    Is it easy to use swoole in symfony or legacy projects
  • Question 246
    When do you recommend to use Elasticsearch instead of using RDBMS full text search.
  • Question 248
    Logstash or direct elastic ingestion?
  • Question 250
    You said that network is not the microservices bottleneck, which one it is?
  • Question 251
    No mention to the need of async io calls..