Matthieu Napoli

Serverless PHP applications with Bref by Matthieu Napoli

Running PHP used to be as simple as copying the files onto a shared host via FTP. What if we could get back to something that simple, but gain in security, performance and scalability as well?

Let's see if serverless lives up to this promise! We will check out AWS Lambda and Bref, an open source solution for building serverless PHP applications.

Talk Questions

  • Question 30
    How do you create an offline, local, dev env?
  • Question 32
    How do you handle downtime in the cloud? (Azure has multiple incidents last month)
  • Question 41
    What about ddos attacks or thousands of requests that could spam the service and raise the cost, is aws control that?
  • Question 29
    How do you justify, cold start time compare latency
  • Question 36
    How does cost scale in practise? Is it actually any cheaper than running your own server when the application is getting more popular?
  • Question 31
    It’s true that it’s more cheeper to use storage as service, but what about cost if you wanna move your data(files) from one provider to another?
  • Question 34
    What about AWS auto-scaling, when you pay only for resources you used. You will pay for server accordingly to its usage!
  • Question 35
    Do you know about GDPR issues? What happens when i process Person related data on US Servers?
  • Question 38
    What about assets that need to be compiled?
  • Question 39
    How do you deal with missing or custom extensions?
  • Question 15
    How you deal with lambda size limitations?
  • Question 37
    In terms of maturity what is the difference between Bref and Vapor?
  • Question 40
    Offten the hardest part of request handling is getting and storing data from DB. Isnt using data storage as service enough for most apps? :)
  • Question 42
    How would you make a nice, offline-capable dev env for this?
  • Question 43
    How would you handle sessions in a servlerless website?
  • Question 45
    Which would you say the limitations of server less approach are? Are there projects too big where using a serverless approach would not work?
  • Question 46
    What about iso and nen certification?
  • Question 47
    Does deploying new code purge all the running containers instantly?
  • Question 48
    Why is PHP not supported by any provider?
  • Question 49
    have you tried laravel vapor?