Théo Fidry

Mutation Testing - Better code by making bugs by Théo Fidry

Do you test your code? What about your tests? Your tests are code, you need to write, refactor and maintain them.

How do you know you added enough tests to capture the behaviour of an untested application in order to refactor it safely?

Discover Mutation Testing, a fun tool to make your code better by introducing bugs.

Talk Questions

  • Question 256
    How to know what code to test?
  • Question 258
    Is it a good idea to add mutation testing to our CI processes? Do you have it?
  • Question 252
    Which mutation test framework do you recommend for PHP?
  • Question 253
    Snake case vs Camel case on test methods?
  • Question 262
    Is it possible to run mutable test in a distributed way, using various machines ?
  • Question 259
    2 sec -> 15 min, when do you actually execution mutation testing in your CI?
  • Question 265
    Does infection takes type hinting into account?
  • Question 255
    Do you also test (any) combinations of multiple mutations? Why / why not?
  • Question 257
    It's only for phpunit or it's also compatible with phpspec?
  • Question 260
    Are mutation tests good idea por integration tests?
  • Question 266
    Is there any flag to limit the maximum number of mutants created?
  • Question 254
    How much does using mutants increse execution time in a real life application compared withvtests without mutants?
  • Question 269
    What’s the score of infection tests itself?
  • Question 270
    What do you think about companies that don't want to test automatically for make everything fast?